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Project Management Advisor.

The logical consulting choice for your new Building, Tenant Improvement, Remodel or Relocation Project in Southern California. Here's why:

  • Improve Your Bottom Line. A scrupulous project management advisor results in controlled budgets and schedules.

    Remaining within your project's budget is the most critical consideration. All costs associated with your project must be tracked, not just construction costs. Frequent budgetary updates are essential for cash flow projection. Completion of your project on schedule is crucial to avoid delay-related costs.

  • A Wise Investment. Well-managed now, and well-managed into the future.

    Hiring a Project Management Advisor not only streamlines the day-to-day operations and procedures affecting your project, we keep impeccable records summarizing your entire project for future reference.

  • Expert Consultation. Receive professional guidance while you focus on your primary responsibilities.

    We know how important smooth transitions are and that downtime is not acceptable. We also know that you cannot afford to get caught up in every issue that comes up with your project. Our project management advisor experience and vast network of resources will be invaluable to your business.

  • Reasonable Fees. The cost of hiring us as your Project Management Advisor is usually paid for in project savings.

    In fact, we do our job so well that we frequently save our clients more than our fee. Sometimes our project management advisor techniques will enable you to save two or three times our fee.

Key Decision Makers

I am the President, CEO, COO, Director, or Manager. My primary responsibilities concern the vision and direction of my company as well as general management. How would PMA benefit my company?

Real Estate Developers & Brokers

I am responsible to guide my clients so their project will be completed on time and on budget. This includes assembling a team of professional to shepherd the project to success. How would PMA improve the success of my client’s projects?

Facilities Managers

I am responsible for my company’s facility, building and asset management, and it's expansion, upgrade and maintenance. How would PMA work with my department staff to improve projects within an occupied facility?


I want to see designs implemented properly, and the project administration run smoothly, thereby improving my participation in a project. How would PMA make a difference in how I participate in a project?