project management consulting image, reviewing controlled budget and controlled schedule with project management advisors

Professional Project Management Consulting: Your Hidden Asset

As an organization that provides Professional Project Management Consulting, we bring a wide base of expertise to the table in all areas of your project. This is one of the reasons that Project Management Advisors, Inc. is so effective with managing projects. Over the years, we have built an extensive network of professional resources that form invaluable consulting assets for our clients. In addition, we have experience in all areas of construction projects, including long-term planning, due diligence, building design, interior design, construction (shell and tenant improvements), furniture and fixtures, voice and data systems, equipment, security and access systems, and relocation.

The reason we have so many satisfied clients is that we not only keep their projects running smoothly, but as Project Management Professionals offering expert consultation, our methods save substantial project costs. In fact, we do our job so well that we usually save our clients more than our fee—sometimes 2 or 3 times our fee. Also, by keeping your project on track we mitigate penalties related to project delays. Project management consulting can be critical asset for your projects, ultimately reflected on your bottom line.

Request a Project Assessment and let our professionals show you how we can make a difference by providing expert management solutions for your project. Even if you don’t have a facilities project at the moment, let’s get acquainted soon so that you will think of us before the deadlines start looming. This is good advice, our first consultation for you: be well prepared, well ahead of your deadlines.

Budget Control

Adherence to budget is the most critical consideration most business owners face. All costs associated with the project should be tracked, not just construction costs. As most projects span several months, frequent budgetary updates are essential for cash flow projection.

Schedule Control

Completion of the project on time is crucial, especially considering the negative effect delay-related costs can have on a budget.


Our Project Management Consulting stresses a single source of responsibility, which increases productivity, minimizes repetitive communication, and reduces the chances of important information or decisions “falling between the cracks”. Most importantly, it significantly reduces the amount of time expended by top personnel, allowing them to continue to manage their business.

Cost Control and Maximized Efficiency

In order to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget, our Project Management Consulting methods adhere that aggressive competitive bidding and value engineering techniques must be utilized. Proactive communication achieves maximum effectiveness.

Management – It must be done!

All projects require management, either from an outside consultant or from within, by devoting a staff member’’s time to the project. In addition to losing the input this staff member normally contributes to the business, the salary paid to this staff member may be greater than our fee.