Busy Architects, Contractors and Specialty Firms have discovered the benefits of working alongside a professional Project Manager as the Team Leader.

FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST FOR MAXIMUM PROFITS! Do your clients need an Advocate and Team Leader? Are they asking you to take on tasks outside your area of expertise?

Spend less time on administration for your specialty
Improved management equates to higher profits for team members
Eliminate confusion – Streamline procedures
Expedited change order review and approvals
Timely payments and document processing

Why wait? You only stand to gain:We usually save our clients more than our fee. Often 2-3 times our fee!

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“The principal of PMA has built more office space than virtually anyone else in Orange County. They have an impeccable record for remaining on budget and on schedule.”

Mike Lutton, Chairman
PLC COMMERCIAL (formerly of the Irvine Company)

“PMA was of unmeasureable assistance and is unfailingly pleasant and proficient in carrying out all of their variety of tasks. Their excellent coordination brought the job in early and on budget, which made me look very good in the eyes of my partners.”

Alan J. Freisleben, Partner

“During lease negotiations, we expressed concern over paying a construction management fee. Now that our project has been completed successfully, we feel we have received excellent service and full value from PMA.”

Michael L. Meyer, Managing Partner