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Our Project Management Services can be customized to take advantage of Clients’ in-house resources and capabilities.

Long Term Real Estate Planning & Due Diligence
Establish project Goals; identify stakeholders; determine communication protocol
Identify milestones, available resources and in-house capabilities
Prepare the overall Project Schedule, focusing on front-end activities
Identify areas of required research, compile statistics, research code requirements, etc.
Coordinate and prioritize requests from various stakeholders; identify conflicts
Conduct surveys of existing conditions, site, components or systems
Compile programming, adjacency, and space-planning requirements
Review transition schemes, long term options, phasing, etc., as required
Prepare the overall conceptual Project Budget
Preliminary Design
Interview various stakeholders to compile detailed lists of requirements
Assist with preparation of Programming comments to guide the Architect
Attend space-planning meetings, respond to requests for information, and provide other pre-construction services
Provide or obtain preliminary pricing information to guide the Architect as they prepare the construction documents
Assist with value engineering options, code compliance suggestions, etc., as required
Final Design & Construction Documents
Assist the Architect as required to develop plans suitable for competitive bidding and permitting
Update the Project Budget as required
Update the Project Schedule; develop schedule expediting opportunities, if required
Identify and pre-qualify suitable general contractor candidates
Prepare RFP to accompany drawings for competitive bidding purposes
Manage the competitive bid process, evaluate bids, recommend Award
Review construction agreement
Work with General Contractor to identify cost savings opportunities
Monitor quality of construction via regular job-site inspections
Prepare, monitor, report periodically, and revise as needed the Project Schedule and Budget
Chair regular construction meetings, and provide meeting minutes, distributed to all parties
Monitor all standard construction documentation, including submittals, RFI’s, etc.
Review and negotiate all contractor change orders and obtain Client approval
Review and recommend payment of all contractor invoices
Monitor punch-list progress and completion
Assist during punchlist period for complaints, modifications, etc.
Provide written summary of budget, schedule and documentation to Client at regular intervals
Assist Client with researching, specifying, obtaining bids, ordering, scheduling and monitor installations for all required components and systems, such as furniture, equipment, signage, artwork, cabling, security & access systems, appliances, specialty equipment, etc.
Prepare a Request for Proposal from suitable relocation firms
Assist with Move Plan and Schedule
Accounting & Project Close-out
Obtain close-out package from General Contractor
Review all unconditional lien releases for all payments made to General Contractor
Assist Client’s Accounting Department with depreciation schedules, etc.
Identify post-completion requirements and implement